The Beginning…

About Ali –
Who am I? I am He! Who is He? He is me! Ali is what they call me.  Why you ask?  Because I have his ravishing good looks and his vivacious personality. HA! Nah, he’s just one of my all time favorite fighters along with the great Roy Jones Jr. I won’t go into too much detail on Roy, or his career at the moment.  I will say, I’m a fan and I’m sensitive about that, so watch your mouth!  Back to me, Jus-Ryan will do!  I’m young. I’m black. I’m educated. And I’m pretty damn handsome, if I do say so myself!  No need to say no homo because I’m comfortable in knowing my sexuality. I never understood that concept but for some odd reason folks felt it was necessary. *Shrugs*

Anyway, more about me, my life, my vision, and my purpose.  I’ve never been the blogging type. I’ve read a couple but after a few weeks I would lose interest.  One blog was written by a guy that spent the majority of the time bashing men, but made it a point to reiterate that he was straight at the end of every post. I’m guessing he low key liked the swinging sticks, instead of the hanging cl…well you get my point.  Others were pretty cool, but I have a short attention span. I’m a man so what do you expect. So my occasional visits quickly turned into no visits.  I’m a Graphic Designer by trade, and one day I was asked to create a blog site for an up and coming blogger.  Being the thorough person that I am, I began researching what all blog sites consist of. Content, format, blah blah blah. Long story short, I started thinking why don’t I start a blog?  Sometimes random things run through my mind and I want to tell somebody about it.  The 140 characters on twitter isn’t always enough. 

I decided to bring together a group of opinionated and controversial fellas that don’t mind expressing their thoughts with the world. You know, guys that’ll throw it out there and see what happens.  So while sitting at my third shift job brainstorming, with a million ideas running through my head, I start texting folks knowing good and well they’re sleep. But I don’t care.  I’m one of those people that when something’s on my mind, I need to either write it down, or tell somebody because a few hours later I’m definitely bound to forget.  Of course nobody responded until the next morning while I was sleep. But I was so anxious to get this thing rolling I woke my ass up, and answered the phone anyway. I got to rapping about the idea with the fellas, and that’s how it happened …The Negro Chronicles was born! 

So what does it all mean?  Hell I don’t know! It just sounds good when you say it out loud. HAHA. Seriously, the Chronicles…a history of events.  The Negro, the team of young black intellectual writers.  Our goal is to discuss topics that are of interest to us personally, but also to our readers. To get you to think, to use your brain…sometimes in ways that you’ve never done before.  I promise thinking is one of the most underestimated actions ever.  Prime example, these dumb ass atheletes and rappers that cant seem to keep their black asses out of jail. That’s a different subject entirely, but you get my point. We want to encourage Blacks to think about, then discuss current events and other relevant happenings going on in this demented world.

You can find me on Twitter talking reckless @jus_ryan3