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About Us –

Welcome, howdy, hola, bonjour…I’m sure you get the point. Greetings! Thank you for stopping by and checking out the “Chronicles”, the “Negro”, the “Negro Chronicles”. This is a place where four intelligent, and opinionated Black men congregate to discuss their thoughts and opinions on various topics. We’ll tackle entertainment news, sports, politics, and dating. From time to time we’ll provide advice to our readers on topics of their choice.  Basically, if a topic is on our minds or we’ve been asked to cover a particular topic by one of our readers we’ll discuss it. If there’s a current event that’s piqued our interest, it will be discussed. If its your mama’s butt cheeks it will be touched on…oh, well maybe not!  We want to keep our readers engaged so we’ll have weekly mailbags where we’ll give the readers a chance to ask us questions and get our opinions on topics and issues that peak their interest, we’ll also be posting music and movie reviews, interviews, and polls.

Our team consist of Quise, The UrbanRoxtar, C-Smuve, and of course me.  Four North Carolina natives with four totally different personalities.  All young. All black. And all educated. Stick with us, you’re sure to laugh, cry, you might even want to cuss us out…but you’ll always want to come back to see what these Negroes are up to! This is the beginning of our chronicles.

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