Independent Bad Catch

               Dating in 2011 is both complex and interesting. While I’m currently enjoying the single life, I’m look forward to finding a woman that compliments me well. The interesting aspect of dating is the variety of quality women that appear to be available initially. I say initially because once you move past the relentless banter that some women engage in to show that they are independent financially, good cooks, and a fan of sports, it appears the quantity of quality women is greatly exaggerated.

               Reports constantly come out with alarming statistics that indicate women are succeeding at a more rapid pace than men in our community, which in turn reinforces the notion that the amount of successful women vastly outnumbers their male counterparts. In response to those statistics I say Women Lie, and Numbers lie too. I have noticed a negative trend when it comes to how women determine whether or not they consider themselves to be a good catch. It seems that being a good catch is equivalent to having a good career, college degree, and attending church occasionally even if you spent every day leading up to Sunday behaving in a devilish way.

To truly be a good catch, you must first be a good human being. Let’s be honest most of us fail the litmus test of being good human beings. When we examine our lives closely, how many of us can honestly say we are good human beings? Ultimately a good human being is the same person when they are alone as when they are surrounded by individuals that are watching their every move. Honesty, integrity, and selflessness aren’t traits that just show up for the home games. They travel to away games as well. It’s easy to do what’s right when life is good, but how many of us maintain our integrity and honesty, when we are presented with situations that can benefit us financially?  

If we were to go into great detail about what being a good human being encompasses this blog would turn into a book, so I digress. Ultimately to be considered a good human being it requires that we move away from glamorizing many of the things that we have spent our life trying to acquire. For example, our culture has a love affair with money that is unprecedented, but we tend to be one of the groups hit hardest by the unemployment rate. How can we love money so much when it doesn’t care about us at all? Listen to our music, look at our tweets, and look at our government.  This recession has proven that money isn’t everything, yet we spend more time than ever before trying to acquire it, but what for? Is it to make the world a better place or is it so we can run to Twitter and Facebook and brag about how our lives are so much better than the average person? Is money everything to you or are you everything to money? Our view of money plays a pivotal role on our personal development, which ultimately determines if we are a good person or not.  When we change the definition of success from being independent financially, and having a nice career to just being a good human being, how many quality women are we actually left with? When we apply this school of thought to the statistics that are skewed heavily towards quality women outnumbering quality men the disparity between the two is greatly diminished.  

In closing S/O to the real quality women that are actually good human beings. I hope you find someone that compliments you well.

This week’s edition of Keep Her or Sweep Her:

Sweep Her:

  • She claims to be a born again virgin (she’s a reformed heaux that refuses to acknowledge her past)
  • She never offers to pay (She isn’t the independent woman that she claims to be)
  • She claims she’s a great cook, but she never cooks
  • She never says anything good about her exes (she has an issue acknowledging that she has faults, and will only blame you for relationship issues down the road)
  • She use to clown an upcoming rapper before he got famous, but now she constantly talks about his swag (She’s easily influenced by money and will one day grow into the full fledge groupie that she aspires to be)

Keep Her:

  • If she is currently pursuing her aspirations of becoming a better person
  • She occasionally reaches for her purse when the bill comes (she might be pump faking, but a little effort goes a long way)
  • She knows who Fred Shuttlesworth is
  • If she’s Team Android instead of Team Blackberry (women with blackberries have higher heaux propensities, don’t even ask me how)
  • If she follows me on twitter (She’s doing something right)


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