Aint nothing like new…..

Special guest blogger Leon Webb        

              There’s an old saying that seems to unconsciously be passed down from generation to generation and that saying is “Ain’t no pussy, like new pussy”. Now I’m sure to some women who read this they’ll disagree or stare at a state of confusion but it’s something that every man can attest too and agree upon. Now please understand that it doesn’t make that man love his woman any less or think any less of her, but the thrill or “hunt” so to speak of getting the new pussy is what most men go for.

              I mean let’s look at this from a scientific view; New Pussy is like energy; its abundant, 75% of the time its clean lol, and 25% of the time under the circumstances (drunk and before the club close) most men people don’t care where it comes from. But you can just blame the men; ooohhhh nooooo women know that their worst enemy of course is other women.

              Women will present themselves in a manner where on the outside they are a perfect catch. Beautiful, nice body, smart, good job, cooks clean and will give you the butt cheeks quicker than I can spell onamonapea. Can you really blame a man though, we are natural hunters and the game were hunting is usually women. Let’s not forget though there are plenty of women that love the chase. Women aren’t dressing up in short skirts, high heels, make-up and going to the club just to show off for other women. They want the chase, hell some women thrive off the chase. The problem that they run into is that when a man finds his mate he doesn’t care how fine that women is or what kind of job she has. For most men you’re either with it or you’re not. Most men at that time don’t care what qualities you can bring to the table because we only have a lust to fill and once that lust is filled then the hunt begins again and the cycle continues.

              Now, before you make me out to be this cruel and cold-hearted individual I think it’s important to look back to what this blog is about……..HONESTY! You asked for it so take it in stride! I’m not saying it’s right but I am saying that this is just how it is, and for whatever mysterious reason it’s been that way since the dawn of time and across all cultures. At the end of the day remember, Aint No Pussy, Like New Pussy!