To Hell With Being Politically Correct…

               Ever met someone, indulged into a very deep and interesting conversation and found yourself attracted to this person.  Not because of their physical but because of their mental.  During this 15, 60, or however many minute’s long conversation you two had, you felt like your mind was just made love to.  It was so good that it was to the point you wanted to take that person home and have some of nastiest, heated, sweatiest, most passionate sex you’ve had in a very long time.  I mean you where so zoned out and desiring to see if they could bring as much pleasure to you physically as they just did mentally, BUT you didn’t because you felt it wasn’t politically correct!

               First of all let me express my deep and well thought out opinion of being politically correct…………FUCK! THAT! SHIT!  Too many people get caught up on this perception of being as close to perfect as possible.  Honestly, where is the fun in that?  If everyone followed the same guide lines and unwritten rules this would be one boring ass place! I mean really though!  If you always knew what to expect, what is the point in living?

               I’m sure the majority of us met and slept with someone we’ve met on the first day.  Then you start to ask yourself all of these questions such as would a relationship between us work because I kind of like them, how many other people have they had one night stands with, I wonder what my friends are going to think of me now after I tell them about this shit?  You get my point.  My question is why not see if y’all can be more than sex partners if you really have interest in them? If it doesn’t work then oh well.  Just enjoy the experience and take something from it. Hell I’ve done it before, twice actually and one of them lasted three years.  What’s our relationship like now? I wouldn’t go to that chick’s funeral if she died tomorrow but that’s a totally different story.  Basically once you’ve lost all respect for someone you have no last respects to pay.  I’m still not sure if I was being Captain Save A Hoe or I really seen potential in it working.  For the most part it did.

               How it all happened: It was one of those Saturday nights where my homie’s friend brought her friend and he brought his friend (me).  Shit, we just hit it off.  By night’s end we ended up back at his spot. He ended up in his room knocking ole girl down while the other chick and I was in the front room watching TV.  Hell I was horny just from listening to them have sex so of course with my dog nature it was only right to see if I could get me some pussy action too. One thing led to another and before you know it we was both laying on my homie’s couch sweating and exhausted with the “where do we go from here look.” About two days later I hit her up just to see what she was up to and to see if she wanted to hangout again with no initial intentions of getting those butt cheeks again.  She was cool people so I wanted to be around her again.  Whelp as if you didn’t already know…we fucked again….and again….and again….and again.  Like ALL females she started to catch feelings after a few months.  I couldn’t blame her though.  I mean women are emotional creatures so it was bound to happen. 

               We put in a strong two years into the relationship but by the time the third year came around things got rocky!  Dishonesty, lost of trust, and lack of communication came into play and from there the downfall began.  In my honest opinion there was no friendship foundation established.  We just hit the ground running!  Until after that relationship was over I never understood how important establishing that strong foundation was.  Without a strong foundation and communication NO relationship will work.  I don’t care how great the sex is; if that’s all you have to offer I suggest you get out before feelings get involved.

               Take it for what you want but I wanted to share my experience and thoughts about the infamous one night stand.  I know first impressions are important but they don’t always represent that individual’s true character.  Would you date someone you that you slept with the same exact day you met them?  I did and I’d probably do it again.