When too cool is too cool…

               I’m a firm believer in establishing a strong friendship foundation before starting a serious or exclusive relationship.  If I can’t laugh and joke around with you on the regular more than likely I don’t feel comfortable around you.  No male or female wants a demure partner who’s only good for being a trophy on their arm.  Hold a descent conversation with me TRICK!!!  I want to be able to take my woman to see a boxing match and she knows exactly what the hell is going on and not because she knows that’s what I like but because that’s a mutual interest of ours.  Hell she may not even know what the hell is going on but instead of acting so uninterested or complaining the whole time she attempts to rid her ignorance of what’s going on and actually ask questions.  We all love these type of friends even if they are categorized in the “friends only” zone.

               Fellas, you ever met a female who would drink brews with you, enjoyed your favorite sport even though y’all rooted for different teams, played a sport in college so she could relate to you on a certain levels when talking the politics of sports and comparing athletes, and could even switch it up and blend in when talking and hanging around the fellas?  Right off the jump she hit you with the “niggas always start catching feelings after sex, all I want is the dick and then for you to go home or niggas always trying to wife me up.” Here is one of my favorites though “I’m just enjoying being single.  I don’t want a relationship right now; I’m cool with us just fucking with what we doing now.  Ha! I’m sure we’ve all experienced this a time or two.  Everything is all good until all of a sudden she starts to catch feelings them BAM everything she said when y’all first met is null and void!  See I think it’s a hidden agenda from day one.  Man females are waaaaayyyyyyy too emotional to just settle for sex with no emotions involved.  With that being said I understand her eventually catching feelings down the road but what I want to point out is that you women can’t be upset with him if he doesn’t react to it the way you expected.  Of course he’s going to feel a little bamboozled because you’ve changed the angle on him all of a sudden.  Once a man’s mind is set to one direction you can’t hit him with a detour.  Let me clarify something real quick.  If one day you ask to have a one on one with him and you express how your feelings have changed towards him and you propose taking it a step further in you guys relationship then that’s cool.  What’s not cool is when you set these “friends” only guidelines from the beginning and then want to switch it up and become jealous when you suspect him of entertaining another female.  Don’t wait until then to express your new feelings toward him to him.  Normally from this point on everything will slowly go downhill.

               Men, yep we’ve also been guilty of getting into your feelings a little too much when it comes to females.  Men can be just as jealous as women at times.  If there is a verbal agreement that all you guys are doing is having sex then you have absolutely no right to get all Drake (simping) on these women.  Men and our egos won’t let us accept the fact that a woman can play the role of a man just as well as a man.  Hey…Shit happens!  She might just be in it for the physical and if she tells you that and you agree to it don’t get all salty when you find out somebody else got taste of them good buns with jelly your face was all in last night.  Feels fucked up when the tables are turned huh?  I don’t give a damn what they say, all of us men have experienced that before.  When it happened to me my response was slight chuckle and a touché. *shrugs* In other words Man the Hell Up!  Some dudes are built like Tarzan but emotional like Jane.

               Sometimes cool can be too cool.  All I ask is don’t all of a sudden change directions without a fair warning.  You just may not like the results.  If anything be tactful about it.  Hell you can’t help the way you feel but you can help how and when it’s communicated.

               Ever been in that situation before where someone all of a sudden changed the rules of the game on you?  If you feel some type of way about this you just might have been the one who attempted to change the rules.  FLAG ON THE PLAY: 15 YARD PENALTY, REPEAT FIRST DOWN!!!  How did you respond to it or how did you approach the situation?

Quick Hits

  • Sandusky is a straight idiot.  He admitted to touching and having showers with those damn kids. SMH…
  • Fellas don’t send her a nude picture unless she ask for it.
  • Trey Songz Anticipation mixed CD’s are OFFICIAL!!!
  • If you come around me intoxicated you best bring me something to drink to or else I won’t be able to tolerate you.
  • Don’t let folks do for you too much because at the end of the day they will eventually expect something in return.

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