Just cause its cold…?

              It seems like love is in the air for the New Year.  Everybody has been announcing engagements lately from local friends to main stream celebrities.  The majority that I’ve been hearing about are black couples though.  It’s been fittingly named “black love” with the exception of Michael Jordan of course.  That fool is another story.  Greatest player to ever touch that orange leather but can’t manage a team for shit. #fucker

              Cuffing season…ever heard of it?  Basically it’s towards the end of the year during Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and rolls over to the cold months of the next year.  It’s globally considered the loneliest time of the year.  It’s when people agree to keep each other company and fulfill some emotional and all physical needs until the weather warms back up and single hoe season comes back around.   Why?  Because it’s cold outside?  Folks don’t want to be alone on those cold nights? 

              Speaking of cold…hot damn the temperature dropped overnight this weekend.  It should not be 15 degrees out when I’m leaving from work.  My body just isn’t built for this type of weather.  I’m a frail negro!

               I don’t blame them though.  Who wants to jump into cold sheets after a fresh shower alone?  I don’t know about y’all but I be freezing when I get out the shower during the winter time.  I don’t care how high the heat is turned up.  I’m always going to be cold getting out of that shower in the winter.

              With that being said some folks are taking it a step further with this concept.  I thought it was called cuffing “season” meaning there was an unwritten contract that once spring starts the cuffing ends.  Somewhere along the fine print I missed the part about the contract extension through the rest of………..FOREVER!!!  Could it be possible the initial lust turned into love?  Is that even possible?

Million dollar question eh?

Can an initial sex partner/contract buddy become more than what their initial intentions were?  Personally if I feel that friendship foundation isn’t strong from the beginning then it’ll last 2-3 years tops but I could be wrong.

          What if during one of those cold nights together all cuddled up in the sheets she starts to give him a hand job, he proceeds to give her a finger job, they kiss, they lick, the suck, they fu….well you know what I’m getting at.  Anyway, they have sex unprotected because they were both caught up in the moment and he didn’t get up to put the rubber on nor did she reach over into her stash to hand him one (don’t act like some of you women don’t have a condom stash).  Voila Magic…..she ends up knocked up!  Uh oh…gotcha bitch!  A contract season ends turns into being a permanent responsibility…all because you didn’t want to be a lone during the cold weather. Shiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt don’t sound like it’s worth it to me.

          I’m not the one to judge, hell I have absolutely no room to judge but I wouldn’t recommend participating in this thing they call “cuffing season.”  I highly doubt it would end well.  Everybody knows feelings will get involved, more commonly from the female as always when sex is involved.  That damn Oxytocin will get you every time.

How do you feel about Cuffing Season?  Any of my lovely followers participate in it?  Care to share your experiences and or opinions?

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