The much Underappreciated…

              Yesterday evening I woke up and saw something that caused a little depression to the start of my day. “Nick Cannon down with Kidney failure.”  I took a moment to process what I was reading but I immediately put down my iPod Touch and started my daily afternoon routine.  As I was brushing my teeth before getting ready to head to Dyme Boxing and Fitness to get my daily workout in I caught my own eyes and in that moment realized I had been in a deep meditative thought.  What if I had “kidney failure” like Nick Cannon?  What would my legacy be?  In that moment I realized that we often don’t appreciate others until they are gone and it hit me that somewhere Mr. Wild n’ Out is laid on an Aspen Colorado bed wondering if the next breath is his last.  So I’m hoping, just hoping he has the ability to read what I’m about to write next…

              Most people like to remember Nick Cannon from his less than stellar music career along with a few movies that never quite lived up to the hype.  I don’t know about you guys but I thought his song Gigolo ft. R. Kelly was a hot.  I use to rock out to that joint.  He gave beat down ugly dude’s confidence when it came to women with that track.  A lot of you won’t admit it but you thought it was hot too.  Hell at one point almost anything R. Kelly touched was bound to blow up so off the rack it was a sure fire hit.  As far as the rest of Nick Cannon’s self entitled album Nick Cannon… not so hot.  Funny thing is that track was the third released single off of his album.  The album actually made it to the #9 spot on the US Billboards Hot Rap Tracks chart and his album reached the top 25 spot on the US Billboards 100.  Say what you want but that’s quite an accomplishment.  Let’s see how Future and 2 Chainz formerly known as Tity Boi do in their careers as far as making it to the Billboard Charts.

              Tell me you didn’t enjoy Drumline and I’ll throw a two legged stool at you.  EVERYBODY I know thoroughly enjoyed Drumline.  Hell it was one of the first DVD’s I ever bought to go along with Any Given Sunday starring Jamie Foxx and Love and Basketball with cocked eyed Omar Epps.  Around the time that movie came out most of my peers were either just beginning their college years or in the mist of their college years.  The majority of my peers went to HBCU’s so they related to every part of that movie from the struggle of getting to school, campus life, and Greek life.  Nick has a modern day classic on his resume in Drumline.  Now his other movies……LOL yea not so much.  I liked Underclassman and Love Don’t Cost a Thing but they were far from great movies.  I’m guilty of usually liking the stuff others consider corny but if I like it to hell what everybody else thinks.

              What often gets overshadowed about Nick Cannon was his creative mind.  Folks always wondered how this skinny ass corny dude with big ass feet was getting all this paper and manage to date these Victoria Super Models like Selita Ebanks and marry legendary R&B artist Mariah Carey Cannon.  Don’t let his big smile, corny jokes, and no hang time corn rows fool you.  This dude isn’t a dummy.  He got his foot in the door with Nickelodeon in 2002 and took off!  As lame as many portrayed Nick Cannon to be, he kept ALL of us laughing. 

              Nick Cannon gave so many up can coming comedians their first taste of the main stream spot light with his MTV show Wild n’ Out.  Yes most of them had already been seen on TV doing other gigs but all of their careers catapulted once they were on a season of Wild n’ Out.  Kat Williams, Corey Holcombe, and Affion Crockett just to name a few.  Katt Williams went on to become considered one of the greatest comedians of our generation, Affion Crockett was able to get his own show even though it sucked, and Corey Holcombe became a star on satellite radio.  I was always a big fan of his from his Comicview days but now Corey Holcombe is one of my all time favorite comedians.  Nick Cannon knew how to keep the ratings up.  Hell he squeezed four seasons out of that show.  Every episode he had a hot artist on there either performing or as a special guest attempting to take his championship belt.  On top of Nick Cannon giving comedians a main stage to shine on…the show was funny as hell!  Even now when I get off of my graveyard shift job I turn to MTV just to watch old Wild n’ Out reruns.  Nick Cannon was the king of organizing free style comedy straight off the top of the dome and making millions off of it.

              Remember MTV’s Yo’ Momma….yep that was Nick’s idea as well.  Don’t know about you but I didn’t miss an episode of either season of that show.  Everybody loves a good laugh and Yo’ Momma provided plenty of them.  I remember watching the premier episode of the first season which was in Los Angeles with Method Man being the special guest for week one of season one.  From that point on I knew that show was going to be a fool.  Then he got two more seasons and took it to New York in Atlanta.  Each season ended up being stronger than the last.

              It’s all about longevity in the entertainment business.  The longer you can manage to stay around then the more money you’re guaranteed to make.  Nick Cannon has put almost ten strong years in the game.  Shall he recover from this tragic illness I’m sure he’ll give the public a lot more to look forward to.  He went from being in front of the camera to being behind the scenes producing many hit comedic shows that the majority of the public thoroughly enjoyed and had no idea he was the executive producer of.  I remember him being interviewed at an award show and was asked how did he manage to have a high success rate throughout his career up to that point.  His answer was simple…don’t remain stagnant.

              With that being said, Nick I hope this reaches and uplift your spirits.  Your body of work was and always will be appreciated by me.  Its unfortunate folks don’t understand the importance of an individual’s value until they are gone.  Your legacy at this moment is much underappreciated but keeping putting in that work and you will definitely be recognized for what you’ve done in the entertainment industry.  I want to show my appreciation while Nick is still alive even he isn’t kicking so much.

Here is my tribute to you Nick…

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