Laughing in our generation…

               So I’m sitting here watching this Kevin Hart Comedy Central Special laughing my ass off and I get to thinking.  Who is the best all-around comedian of my generation?  Right off the bat I would say Chris Rock hands down because of his longevity and versatility.  Then I started pondering, damn there have been some pretty funny comedians during my life time.  I remember guys like Bruce Bruce, Damon Williams, Earthquake, Corey Holcombe, Rodman, Rickey Smiley and quite a few others that graced and lit the BET Comicview stage up but I can’t say with complete confidence that one stands out above the rest.  Question is who was the best in their prime during my time?

               A lot of those guys you’ve probably never even heard of because guys like Katt Williams, Mike Epps, and Kevin Hart took the comedic scene by storm.  Man I remember when Next Friday came out and people started comparing Mike Epps to Chris Tucker and folks were screaming blasphemy.  Then after Friday After Next folks was like “Chris who…?”  Day-Day scary ass was a damn fool.  He has some many funny lines that will forever be quoted amongst the black community.  Ice Cube was such a genius for putting Mike Epps in All About The Benjamin’s because they had great on camera chemistry.  I can’t think of any other comedian/actor that could have played that roll any better.  Those Friday movies sky rocketed Mike Epps Career and he took full advantage of it.  He’s been in commercials, bigger box office movies, and even music videos ever since his appearance in the Friday Trilogy.  Hell, believe it or not he’s actually been in movies where he wasn’t even being funny like Something New starring Sanaa Lathan.  It’s a good change up from all the other movies he plays in where his character is basically the same, that dumb and goofy relative.

               When it comes to stand up I’m not sure his act is up to par.  Actually I know it’s not up to par.  His Under Rated & Never Faded wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be.  I’m not sure if it was his success that produced a lack of hunger or he simply just isn’t that funny live.  Hell I feel asleep on Under Rated & Never Faded………twice while I was watching it on Netflix.  Clearly there are folks who think otherwise though because he’s a multi-millionaire working comedian.  I think sometimes people will make things seem to be more than what they are just because of the name that’s involved. Prime Example…..Under Rated & Never Faded.  

 Epps was discovered by Ice Cube at one of his stand up shows and was asked to try out for the part of Day-Day because Ice Cube thought he was extremely hilarious.  Well we know how that turned out.  *shrugs* Guess my judgment of character literally is off. That doesn’t take away the fact that I think he’s one of the funniest comedians of my time, I just don’t think he is the best.

               This guy Katt Williams is another comedian whose career took off after starring in an Ice Cube movie.  He definitely made his mark in this generation’s placement of greatest comedians.  I had never even heard of this half a horse leg dude before Friday After Next but hot damn he was funny as hell as the mini midget Money Mike.  I’ll never forget him singing “Deck The Balls” while holding Damon’s balls with a pair of vice grips.  Classic line… “I Am A Boy Damon!!!”  Katt Williams went on to basically become the star of Nick Cannon’s MTV Wild n’ Out by always taking the spot light during the wild style.  Little did we know this little cunt could actually freestyle rap as well. Me, I’m the type who feels you should take one craft and perfect it so I wasn’t overly impressed with his rap career but I will acknowledge he is better than a lot of mainstream rappers out today “cough” French Montana “cough.”  How in the entire hell do you come up with a name like French Montana anyway?  I’ll wait………………………………………………………………………………..

Nothing? Alright…

               The part of Katt Williams’s career that really sticks out is his ability to be persistent with his stand up.  This dude is freaking hilarious………….sometimes!  I often catch myself sarcastically showing sympathy by say “awww poor little tink tink.” 

Hmmmmm, and now I’m wondering…other than that I don’t really remember any funny jokes or one liners from his stand up.  But wait a minute, I just said he was persis……..nevermind.  He sucks!  Ayo Katt Williams, leave those narcotics alone.  You have seen what they did to the late great Richard Pryor….damn substance abuser. *smh*

               Then we have this dude name Kevin Hart who is probably considered the best comedian of today.  Why?  Because his recent movie Laugh At My Pain is probably one of the funniest shows ever performed.  I actually got to see it live when he came to Charlotte, NC.  I’ve never been a fan of concerts or shows at big venues but I’d definitely go and see him again.  That show was very well produced and all of the opening acts including one of my favorites Corey Holcombe were extremely funny as hell.  I knew Kevin Hart was going to be a problem ever since I saw headline Shaquille O’Neal’s Comedy All-stars.  This was back before (I hate to admit it) my boy KOOOOOOBBBBBBEEEEEEE snitched on Shaq and he was still with his wife. 

Oh by the way I’m a huge KOOOOOOOBBBBBBEEEEEEE fan so every time I refer to him it’ll be spelled just like I say it.  Example: Why won’t LeBron win an NBA Championship in the next 5 years?  Because of KOOOOOOBBBBBBEEEEEEE!!!!!! 

Anyway, back to what I was saying before I had my moment.  Kevin Hart is one funny ass dude and we are starting to see him EVERYWHERE!!!  What the hell is up with this Chocolate Drop rap battling shit?  I bout died when I seen him battling T-Pain.

               His stand up, man I don’t even know where to start.  This Looooonnnnnngggggggg Dick…Alright Alright, Alriiiiiiight!!!  See the way my bank account is set up…

               You know what…I don’t even have to say no more.  That dude is probably the most persistent comedian of the last 5 years I tell ya.  What I really admire about this half a midget fucker is like a lot of other great comedians he started from rock bottom and worked his way up through the ranks.  To top it off he still does the little things to get exposure that most comedians stop doing once they finally make it big.  It’s nothing to go on YouTube and see Kevin Hart with a camera following him around Target looking for his DVD’s or imitating the likes of 50 Tyson or Floyd Mayweather.  He touches the people and makes them feel like he’s lil Kev from right down the street that we hang with every now and then.

               I’m old school though.  I like these newer comedians but I’ll never get tired of the likes of Rickey Smiley, Chris Rock, Arnez J, Lavell Crawford no neck ass, Joe Tory, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, Cedric The Entertainer and Bernie Mac.  These are the guys you can just tell it comes easy to them.  Half of the time they aren’t even trying to be funny but their personality alone is one big stand-up act.  When Bernie Mac died I was devastated.  Bernie Mac on the Kings of Comedy will forever be a classic.

“What The Fuck ya looking at me for?  What me to tell you you’re doing a good job? Keep up the good work!”

“Three minutes, that’s all I’m a give you, hell that’s all I got!

Man I could go on all day talking about the Legendary Bernie Mac.  He took an act about his sister’s three kids and made a very successful TV Show about it.  Til this day I’ll always consider Jordan a fag.

               I’m going with good ol Bernie Mac.  He did it all from movies to stand up.  He got classics and I mean real classics.  As any up and coming comedian or a fan of good entertainment you have to appreciate the work that Bernie Mac put in.  He went out with a bang in Soul Men with screaming ass Samuel L. Jackson.  The Mac Man, as he like to call himself, will always be a legend and the best to ever do it in my eyes.  He was the most versatile and consistent.  You can’t ask for too much more than that.