Three easy steps to bag her…

               I’ve been off the dating scene for quite some time now and despite popular belief time away don’t make me rusty when it comes to attracting and capturing the opposite.  Yes I said capture…..I was born half dog *shrugs* so it’s in my nature.  I went out recently to a lounge for some drinks with some partners of mine and while out I people watched for a while.  All I could do was shake my head at the pure fuckery of these new niggas generation guys.  They aren’t built like they use to be.  Whatever happened to tact and angles?  Clearly it was lost somewhere down the line because I seen none of it this night.

               Every generation evolves into their own and changes the game up but I’ve been studying pimping for quite some time now and the game is at an all time low.  I don’t knock them though.  Some may eventually get it over time and others are perfectly fine with their flawed strategy.  My great uncle scoffed at my uncle, my uncle use to give me verbal beat downs, and now you see me stating my grief with this new generation.  It’s all a cycle and basically what’s accepted by the new players.

               With that being said let me give you young whipper snappers a few easy steps on how to approach, entertain, and secure the prey.  I swear it’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be.  It’s quite simple to be honest.  Sit back, pay attention, take notes, and thank me the morning after!

THE APPROACH: This is THE most important step so pay close attention.  It’s all about the initial eye contact.  Check her out from the bottom to the top.  Folks can tell when you’re looking at them.  I have no idea how but folks just feel it.  So start out checking out her shoe game, and then work your eyes up to her fit and eventually her face.  She’ll be looking you eye to eye by then because she felt you looking at her.  At this point….just smile!!! If she smiles back then that’s your green light to go talk to her.  If she gives you that “what the fuck yo black ass looking at” look then just let it ride dog.  Now with your approach the most important thing to remember is do it with confidence!  Don’t go half assing, stuttering, and tripping over your words and shit.  Already have set in your mine that you’re about to go talk to this woman, she’s going to enjoy what you have to say, and you’re going to get that contact information!  Oh yea…..try not to trip or spill your drink if you’re in the club on your way over to her either.  Introduce yourself and compliment her at the same time without being thirsty.

You: Excuse me, hey pretty how are you?  I’m (insert your name here).

Her: Hey, I’m (her name).

THE CONVERSATION: I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to repeat it until you get it.  Don’t talk her head off but give her enough to know that you’re intelligent and can hold a descent conversation.  Long enough to cover the topic (getting her contact information so you can set up a date later) but short enough to keep it interesting.  Always have an icebreaker.  Women love to laugh and love a man that can make them laugh so have a funny yet appropriate joke to tell to get the conversation going in the right direction.

SEAL THE DEAL: Alright, now let’s not waste that good conversation buy dropping the ball at the end of the game.  Short, quick, and simple is how this last part goes.  Anything else and you could possibly talk yourself out of a potential future partner.  Don’t wait on her, be the man, be aggressive but not demanding. 


You: Alright (her name), I’m not going to take up too much more of your time.  It was good talking to you though. I’d like to continue this conversation with you again soon so if you don’t mind let me get your contact info so I can hit you up sometimes and maybe we can go out.

Yep, just that easy!  Now you don’t have to say it to her like that word for word but you get my drift.  Don’t sound like a prerecording but also don’t sound ignorant.  You were aggressive yet not demanding.  Women like to see a man be a man without being a control freak.

I can understand if some may think its bullshit but I’m telling you I’ve tried every way known to man and simple is always better.  You’ll always have one fool that studied The Mack and think he can word play every female out of her draws but to each its own…

I want to hear from some of the women on this subject though.  What are some do’s and donts when approaching you?  Any recommendations or preferences?  It’s always great hearing the woman’s perspective so share and help the fellas out.

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Be Easy!