Bag Lady

I have a great appreciate for beautiful women. I admire how seriously you take your physical appearance. I like that you get your hair and nails done regularly and take pride in your clothing. I notice. Well done. The only thing better than a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman carrying luggage. I don’t mean you have one carry on satchel and one rolling suit case. I mean, you have so many bags that you can’t carry them alone. You stagger from trying to keep them from falling and you struggle to keep your balance underneath all of them items in your hands.

Okay, the aforementioned luggage is more emotion that literal. We all go through situations that leave us a bit bruised and battered. It’s necessary to heal completely before entering a new relationship, friendship, or acquaintanceship. You wouldn’t get into a second fight if you are still beat up from the first one. Relationships are similar. If your relationship goes badly, one may feel emotionally defeated.

I like to think that I am emotionally stable and I enter every situation free of drama from the last. That’s imperative. I don’t want you treating me as if there is no trust just because your last boyfriend cheated on you. I don’t need you going through my phone and email because your last dude kept secrets from you. I won’t tolerate you questioning my whereabouts just because your last guy disappeared. If this is a new relationship, treat it as such.

Now, I’m not saying that you should ignore the past, that would be foolish. Lessons in life are meant to teach us something. If you have a negative relationship, learn from it because that really is the only way to keep from making the same mistakes. Long story short, take as much time as you need to make sure that you are completely ready for a relationship before you enter one because your feelings are not the only ones invested.

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