A Man’s man…

“Man you soft as drug store cotton” is one of my favorite overly used phrases.  Any man should take offense to being compared to cotton period!  Unfortunately some fit the description perfectly.  There is absolutely nothing worse than a soft man and when I say soft I mean soft in the sense of weak minded and easily intimidated with no backbone.

Men lie, women lie, hell we all lie at some point in time.  What men shouldn’t do is lie to another man.  Lie to your boss, lie to Sallie Mae, hell lie to your woman but do NOT lie to another man. Whatever happen to the though guy mentality?  You know…the one were you’ll say what you feel and stand like a man behind your word?  Yea that has somehow faded away somewhere in this new generation it seems like.  The old school morals and codes amongst men don’t exist anymore.

I believe one of the faults of the lack of tough men are the increasingly amount of flamboyant gay men.  Hell just gay men in general.  Now its pretty much acceptable.  I swear when I was growing up they weren’t this open about being gay. I consider myself fortunate to have been around tough men all of my life.  No I didn’t have a father figure in the house growing up with all women but I had coaches all throughout my childhood who displayed traits of how a tough man is suppose to maintain and carry himself.  My mother was a smart woman; she knew I didn’t have a father in the house so she always kept me around a father figure with my sports in my coaches.  For that mama I thank you!

With men not caring for their responsibility by fathering their children we leave the job to our women. Problem is our women aren’t equipped to father boys to men so what you get is boys growing up with women tendencies and mannerism which eventually leads to them coming out the closet about their sexuality.  Can’t blame the women because a woman can’t raise a child to be something that she isn’t. We teach what we know.  Blame it on the lack of tough men not being around to instill true tough man values.  Sad yet true but its evident the issue lies directly on the men shoulders.  Now don’t get me wrong because I know there are men out there who want to care for their child but just aren’t allowed to because of legal issues but that’s another story.

I want to salute single female parents for multi-tasking playing multiple rolls in your child’s life.  We know you didn’t ask for it to happen that way but hell…shit happens.  I just want to encourage you to encourage and teach your children the unwritten rules and proper role a man is suppose to play.  If your son ask you to buy him a pair of skinny jeans I want you to kick him in his throat and make him do twenty push-ups immediately.

I personally don’t have any children but I know a few of you do.  Share with our followers some of the tips and/or tricks you use to ensure your child grows up to be a mans man.  Heck you may not have a son or a child at all but know somebody that does and admire their ability to raise a man without a father around.  What are they implementing and what are some of the things you would suggest?

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