The Kobe System

While I’m probably the one of the biggest Kobe haters that you will ever meet or have the pleasure of following on twitter, I felt bad when I read the reports that estimated that he would most likely lose half of his racks once his divorced is finalized. It made me think about how even though humans claim to marry for love the first thing that they reach for during divorce proceedings is the money. If the only thing on your mind during a divorce is acquiring material possessions it’s an indication that you got married for the wrong reasons.
In most of these high profile cases the women claim that they suffered irreparable emotional pain due to their spouses’ infidelities. First and foremost, how dumb does a woman have to be to marry an athlete or entertainer and really think they will be the only one? Secondly, if you were a good wife your first concern should be recovering emotionally and finding someone who is capable of treating you the way you claim that you would like to be treated. Women will never admit it, but when they marry someone that has fame in the back of their mind they know there’s a high probability that they sacrificed the prospects of being in a faithful marriage for financial security.
Yes, you made the choice to marry a person with fame so that you could drive the nice cars, have the nice house, and feel important because you most likely don’t believe that you can acquire those items based on your own ambition. How many video vixens drive Ferraris and live in million dollar mansions based on their work ethic??? (Crickets)
Based on what I have seen only about 15 percent of people refrain from cheating when they are in a relationship. That percentage declines substantially when it comes to people who have money, power, and fame. So if you are willing to take the risk of marrying someone who has money, power, or fame, it is indeed wrong to take half of their money if it doesn’t work out if you didn’t help them earn the money. I’m not saying that a woman isn’t entitled to a fair settlement when a divorce takes place. But I am explicitly stating that Drake had it right when he said, “B*tch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.” For the first time ever, me and that simp Drake finally agreed on something. A few days after dropping the best ether since ether, that simp had the never to apologize to Vanessa Bryant for stating what every man in America was thinking!!! Such antics should be expected from Canada Dry, but don’t worry fellas I got us!
Every time I discuss the topic of prenups with women they become irate. I have heard the following:
1) If we discuss/sign a prenup we are admitting that our marriage may not go the distance. (Basically that means lets ignore the divorce statistics for her benefit because if the marriage doesn’t go the distance she definitely wants half!)
2) You aren’t rich right now so why does it matter? It matters because when going through a divorce people tend to become illogical. Instead of working to reach a fair settlement it becomes a game of trying to hurt the other person as much as they hurt you. A close friend of mine once explained it best. They said it’s easier to discuss business (prenups) while you are on good terms before you get married than it is after the drama hits the fan.
Some view the Kobe System as a great commercial that pays homage to one of the best basketball players of all time. I see it as a montage of greatness that his wife plans to take at least 50 percent of from a financial perspective.
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