Why Should I Care?

Carter G Woodson, a member of Omega Psi Phi Incorporated, the greatest fraternity of the world is the father of black history.  This great month of February which consist of a whopping 28 days, 29 this year was dedicated to the celebration of black Americans.  So far this year I haven’t noticed much to celebrate about but I’ll try to look at things from a brighter side.

The Legendary Whitney Houston was found dead this month.  Damn…  I first remember her from the Body Guard when I was in second grade.   You couldn’t tell me Kevin Costner wasn’t the man for getting them butt cheeks.  She had an awesome voice and was a pretty damn good actor as well.  Her accomplishments and accolades are like no other.  This woman was an icon and her death put a black cloud over America.

With that being said………………………… fuck all that shit.  I’m not about to mope over the life of a celebrity that I had absolutely no personal relationship with.  Hell it’s just another death to me. People die everyday.  She didn’t have an effect on my life so I felt no emotional connection nor did I shed a tear and go on about how I’m a miss her and her music.  Yea she probably put out an album that helped you get through a tough part in your life but I’m sure something else will come up and another album will do the exact same thing for you.  Hell she was going to die one day anyway.  We all do.  You expected her to live forever?  A man I think very highly of worded it perfectly “drug users don’t multiply…they die.”  So in other words…two pieces of ham, I don’t give a damn!

Don Cornelius was an American television show host and producer who was best known as the creator of the nationally syndicated dance/music franchise Soul Train, which he hosted from 1971 to 1993.  This show opened the doors for many legendary artists.  Don was a pioneer and created the blue print for many of today’s music television shows.  What Don done was set the foundation for modern entertainment.

With that being said………………He went out like a chump.  I have absolutely no respect for any man who takes his own life.  Granite I don’t know his situation but I do know killing yourself is the easy way out.  I’m sure someone wish they had his problems and instead of dealing with them he offed his self. Smh… So with that said…. who gives a shit!!!!

Some might consider me insensitive but as Eminem says, “I am whatever you say I am.”  Folks get caught up too much in celebrity lives that they forget to live their own.  Remember your setting an example for the youth who looks up to you.  Be careful what messages you display and lets not forget the meaning of the month.


Oh and damn whoever gave us only one month out of the year and MLK one weekend out of a month.


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