Easy to understand but hard to explain?

Have you ever been able to understand a feeling but not quite able to explain it?? After twenty, damn near thirty years of life I’ve come to the conclusion…well actually I haven’t. It’s confusing but makes sense at the same time…sometimes. Question is how would a woman would respond to me asking for her to not like me but to just tolerate me and fully apprehend the sincerity of that request? Yea I just said “don’t like me but tolerate me.”

Let me explain something, when you like someone feelings tend to get involved which is followed by emotions. The object is to not get emotionally involved which is damn near impossible for women because with emotions come hurt feelings. In case you haven’t noticed the key word here is EMOTIONS. Ding freaking ding…let’s eliminate them for the time being.

I don’t know what it is but I’ve noticed that sometimes once someone really starts to show their interest in you they change a bit. First and foremost let me make it clear that I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing but sometimes it poses a problem when you meet their representative instead of the real person. Fellas, have your woman ever told you that you aren’t doing the same things to keep her as you were to get her?

Is it the chase that keeps guys interested and on their toes or is it the fact that we don’t feel as much pressure to put in the same amount of work to keep her interest as it did to get it? Is it because you let us get too comfortable? It may be because we’ll lose focus on what we worked so hard for if we get too comfortable? Could it be another excuse to not commit? Is it the state of not knowing that makes us so interested and curious at first? That just might be it. Just in case you didn’t know the cat is 0 – 5738374583047840 vs. curiosity. Once the mystery is gone the thrill of not knowing is gone. I would ask is it even possible to have sex with someone you don’t genuinely like yet can tolerate but I already know the answer to that. That’s just a one night stand.

Ultimately it would take two heartless people in order to pull off such a feat. Well actually one, the woman because most men are heartless anyway. Women become cold hearted after dealing with heartless men. But after much thought I highly doubt it’s possible. It sounded like a pretty damn good idea at first thought but after analyzing it……..nah, it’s damn near impossible. That relationship would have absolutely no substance and with the lack of communication it wouldn’t last very long. Then again how long would you actually expect for a relationship like that to last? After all, you’re just tolerating me…

As always I have plenty more to say… @jus_ryan3 Roo and Be Easy!!!!