He will not complain: The Critique vs. The Complain struggle…

               I had an interesting conversation with one of our Negro Chronicle followers about dating the homies on Facebook yesterday.  We somehow got on the subject about sexual partners.  She makes the statement along the lines of “I don’t do all that freaky stuff that my friends do but none of my partners have ever complained.” I simply reply that no man ever will but there is nothing wrong with spicing it up every now and then.  Lawd, why did I say that? Smh… She goes on the defensive about how no one has EVER complained, there is nothing wrong with critiquing yet critiquing and complaining is relative, and I don’t know about her sex game so how do I know what another man will say.  Long story short… she missed my point.

               Despite what you hear in rap music, men are very appreciative of sex.  There aren’t many brothers such as myself that understand their worth and position of power enough to turn down sex when it’s offered.  Some men treat it like help…get it whenever they can and as often as they can.  This is the reason you women will NOT hear a man complain about sex.

com·plain /kəmˈplān/ verb: Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.

cri·tique/kri-teek/ noun:  detailed evaluation; review

Most men aren’t the most intellectual but they aren’t dumb as a door knob either.  Every man knows if he complains to a woman about her sex game more than likely 10 out of 10 times he won’t ever get it again.  No woman is going to continue to give her body to a man who doesn’t appreciate it.  We men rationalize, maybe it was an off night and we’ll try again later.   How bout we critique each other and see how we can enhance this experience.

If or when a man does complain about sex its more than likely to a friend of his that he knows isn’t going to go back and repeat the conversation.  Then again if he complains he more than likely doesn’t plan on having any more sexual experiences with that woman.  Most men aren’t going to flat out tell you that you sucked in bed but you can read the signs.  He’s always making excuses to avoid having sex with you?  Yep that’s his way in telling you that he was dissatisfied without verbally complaining or expressing his feelings towards the situation. 

The majority of men aren’t rude enough to just out right say “bitch yo pussy was wack, you can keep that dry ass shit!”  Mainly because of the backlash they could receive back.  Insecure men are sensitive when you slander their sexual performance.  No man wants to take an ego hit.  His confidence would be all shot to shit unless he was an arrogant confident mofo such as myself.

No matter how bad a woman’s sex game is, no guy is going to complain.  Either he’ll make an adjustment to it or leave it all together.  We will not complain because of those nights after the club when our first and second choice isn’t responding to the “hey you up or what you up to” text, we always have something to fall back on to bust that nut without having to do it manually.  Hey, I’m just saying…

At the end of the day I could be wrong but I highly doubt it.  Any of you guys want to share an experience of when the sex wasn’t good and you bluntly let your partner know?  Hell women complain too.  Let’s hear it.


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