The independent women contradiction……

          The new millennium woman will stand and proclaim her independence and how she doesn’t need a man but on the back end she wants to be treated traditionally. Hmmmmm…

          Let me break this down to you. Ms. Independent is your everyday woman, she’s in her career, has her own house, car, bank account and at this point in her life she doesn’t beg a man for shit. O’ wait let me not forget she also has her standards of what she expects from a man. She will date a man and hit him with the train “I can train” …I can, I can, I can…so I don’t need you for shit. I can buy my own accommodations to life, I can get any man I want, I can take out my own trash, and I don’t really need you but, if you can get in line with my standards I’ll keep you. Granted, ladies this is not word for word for what you will say. But, let me help you recognized that this is you:

  1. You’re Single and you make your own money
  2. You dress the part whenever you walk out the door
  3. You date a guy for awhile and one day he up and leaves you (no explanation or the it’s not you it’s me line.)
  4. When you go out and an unattractive guy holla’s at you, you get a wrinkle face and turn your head. (this is my favorite.)-Believe it or not ladies this is a test. If you scan the room when you do this, you will see that the attractive men are watching and at that point he finds you unapproachable due to this he is not willing to risk whether or not you will find him attractive by coming up to you or he’s just weak minded and doesn’t appreciate a challenge….. 
  5. You have unreasonable standards that you will not budge on 
  6. O’ and when you read this you said, “I’m Independent but, I also want chivalry.”

          If you date a man and you feel he is insecure of your career…more than likely that’s not it. He is confused of your ways and men don’t like confusion. How can a man deal with a woman who is so confident she forget to stroke his ego? Let me be the first to say you can’t expect a man to want to pay, open a door, take out the trash, hold you at night, walk on the side of traffic for you if your demeaning his manhood by up lifting your own. Men work off of pride and if you can’t stroke an ego, seem a little needed at times just to make him feel like a man…then you will  always be the true definition of INDEPENDENT…..ALONE.

          Ladies let’s not get it twisted, Steven said think like a man but, act like a lady. The concept to this is regardless of where a woman is at in life, act like a lady and leave the acting like a man to a man. Steven only wants you to take into account how a man thinks. But, women are missing the point and they are thinking like a man and acting like one to. You can’t do both unless you’re a STUD in a relationship with another women. Men want something soft, sweet, and smell good…Nothing in that is manly..

          While some may disagree, this is a game and if you don’t know your opponent then you have lost!

-Triena @Ms_Hurricane_