Just talking…

Reality:  In philosophy, reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.  Now think about that for a second….

Aight damnit that’s enough.  Folks seem to not understand the difference in what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s plain stupid.  Planning your whole week around what time a reality show comes on is ridiculous.  Anybody that knows me know I’ve never been a fan of reality TV shows.  If I’m having company and she is flipping through the channels and stops on one I’ll watch it only because that’s what she wants to watch but other than that I don’t watch them.  Aight hold up…I did watch Jersey Shore Miami but that’s because they were in Miami Bitch!  Hell I just get a kick out of seeing places on TV that I’ve seen in person before.  Maybe that’s why I’m a fan of First 48 Charlotte.

I get asked at least 5-6 times a week did I see what such and such done on such and such show.  Every time I give the same answer “Nah I don’t watch reality shows” then here comes that awkward pause of silence that indicates they think I’m some kind of wierdo for not doing what everybody else is doing.

My issue isn’t with reality TV shows, its with those who cant distinguish the difference in real life and TV life.  YOU CANT DO WHAT THEY DO.  THAT ISN’T REALITY FOOL!!!!  If you base your relationship on the moves Beyonce and Jay-Z makes your doomed for failure.  If you look up to Chad Johnson and that basketball chic (how Ironic) and say you want a relationship like that then I’d advise you to go put your head in some bath tub water and hold your breath for 348730583 minutes. 

I’ve been told that if I want to my followers coming back to the Negro Chronicles I need to start writing on current events going on in the black “celebrity” community.  My response was a simple “FUCK THAT SHIT!”  Why?  Because me and my team don’t write to keep you up to date on what new tattoo Rhianna got or what dude Kim K. giving the butt cheeks to next (wish it was me but thats a different story).  We write for the average working class man.  That’s who we can relate too.  I can’t talk about anything I don’t know about.  What I look like commenting on the way Floyd Mayweather spends his money?  That’s none of my business and frankly “two pieces of ham…………..I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!”

But just for those who do care about my opinion on some recent events I’ll go ahead and touch on them real quick.

How in the entire hell did Terrell Owens manage to get released from an Arena team? SMH…fool all you had to do was show up to some public events and go one about your life.  Better not see this fool crying on anymore reality TV shows screaming broke!

Dennis Rodman > Ron Artest on the court.  Off the court this dude is a damn fool.  Any dude that dress up in a wedding dress with make up on has lost every bit of sense he ever had.

Drake and Chris Brown subtweeting about having sex with Rhianna…the simpest of the simp.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the position were I’ve wanted to drop a female with a quick three piece after she put her hands on me but I’m more man than that.  Chris we don’t take you serious.  You wanted to fight her but want to get your lawyer on Lil Fiz for defamation of character…sucker!  Drake, the King of Pause!  I bet he complain about not getting to cuddle after sex.  Faggot!  Lightskin dudes, I tell ya…smh.

Kobe, still the best player in the league…

Meek Mills Dream Chasers 2 is hot.  I can’t believe I actually was able to listen to all of that hollering.

Boosie was found not guilty of the murder charges and everybody went HAM.  Congrats to the homie but man it’ll suck if they let a killer off on them charges………………….but I’m sleep tho.

Oh and to hell with Steve Harvey and everything he stands for.