The LeftLane Movement…HollyHood


          Unless you’ve been trapped in a closet as of late you’ve notice the rise in underground hip hop in the Carolinas.  My all time favorite rap group, Little Brother and artist, Phonte are from North Carolina.  The Carolinas don’t have the same reputation and accessibility to mainstream hip hop as ATL does but we are growing and about to leave an impression on the industry.  Recently I got a chance to catch up with Hood Hozay, producer and artist of the Group LeftLane out of Charlotte, NC.  Check out what he had to say…

NC:  Yo, whats up Hood.  I been trying to link up with you for a minute man.  The Charlotte hip hop scene is making a move to the big stage.  Yea we had Petey Pablo but he wasn’t consistent enough (haha).  I kept hearing the buzz of Left Lane on twitter and was trying to figure out who are these guys.  Finally I got the opportunity to catch up with one of you guys, tell the people who you are, who is Left Lane and what are you guys doing out here on the Charlotte hip hop scene.

Hood: LeftLane is just an idea me and a friend came up with a few years ago, and after linking up with Promise and Chiz it became the name of our movement. The left lane is known as the fast lane. It’s where you wanna be to keep shit moving, ya know! We basically wanna do what I feel like hasn’t been most artist’s main focus: build something strong from the ground up. Charlotte (or the Carolinas in general) is a hard place for underground artists but I feel once you gain their respect they’ll be loyal. 
NC:  I have to agree with you about that one.  It seems as most artist are looking for that one hit but doesn’t have the foundation to keep it consistent.  Let me ask you something man, what I’ve noticed is some rappers go through local club DJ’s and convince/pay them into playing their records in the prime hours of a hot party to get to get heard.  I hear in ATL a lot of rappers go through strip club DJ’s and if the track get the club hype to the point were strippers are getting extra loose and folks are throwing money freely it’s almost guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit.  Mainly because the dancers will have the DJ put that track in the rotation and the buzz builds from that.  Now I don’t know how true that is but whats your take on that?  What are you guys relationship like with the local DJ’s? Basically what I’m asking is how are you getting your music out to the people besides personal promoting?
Hood: as far as relationships, I wouldn’t say we have too many and that’s mainly because the way we chose/choose to work and that was just showing that our team was strong at what matters most: the music. DJs/clubs are a great outlet for getting new music out there but at the same time, it’s more of how much you’re willing to spend (in many cases), despite the quality of the music. I believe in earning accomplishments rather than purchasing them. But we’ve got a lot of promo ideas cooking that we will start putting into motion as we shed more light on the new project. 
NC:  Hands down whats the top five illest beats you ever heard?
Hood: that’s a whole lot of beats to pick 5 from! Lol….5 illest producers RIGHT NOW would be a lil easier! Mike Will (Riot, Way Too Gone), Harry Fraud (Shot Caller, Blindfolds), Cool N Dre, Drumma Boy and Cardo/Sledgren. 
NC: You rap too, you got the whole Kanye thing going on.  Rapper and Producer.  Whats your response when people say stuff like that to you or is this your first time hearing it?
Hood: I’ve heard it a few times, mainly because of the type of samples I like to use. I’m really into old, soulful music. That’s when music production was so real cuz there wasnt all the technology we have today. I take comments like that as a compliment cuz Kanye is probably my favorite Rapper. His story on “Last Call” inspired me to start rapping. 
NC:  Aight check this, I’m going to say or name or ask a question.  Respond to all of them with one word.
Rapper or Producer? Producer
Rick Ross? Hasn’t let me down since day 1!
All time best Producer? Wake up, Mr. West! 
Jay-Z? Best Rapper Alive
Hip Hop in the 90’s? One of the top eras for the genre. 
Hip Hop today? Monkey see, Monkey do…
NC: Man I don’t want to take up too much of your time but I definitely appreciate you taking out the time and talking to the folks.  Anything you want to say in closing?
Hood: first of, I appreciate the opportunity and you taking interest in what we’re building here! And that goes for anybody listening/watching/reading!….@leftlaneway on twitter…”No Limits” on the way…L’s Up!!
NC: Aight homie you be easy…
Hood: *salutes*