How Much is Too Much?

               Recently there was a debate over how much is too much to spend on a date.  The number thrown out as an average expense was $200.  I thought this was a pretty interesting topic considering how frugal I am yet at the same time I acknowledge quality cost.  I asked a few friends and Negro Chronicle followers their opinions on how much they think should be spent on a quality date.  Here is what they had to say.

“I don’t have a max that I would spend on a date (normally I am not
spending), lol, but I think that an average date should cost $100 or
less. For dinner and a movie, you can do that reasonably–especially
if you go to lunch then a movie or a matinee and then dinner.

If it is something significant, like a birthday or special occasion,
then spending a little more isn’t a big deal. I do think that as a man
or woman, evaluate how the person responds to your spending or lack of
spending—that will let you know that person’s true intentions.”



“I don’t think anyone can define what’s too much or too less to spend on a date. It all depends on how much the one person wants to impress the other person OR how much the other person wants the other to feel appreciate…it’s all about evoking emotion, commanding a connection, and promising to adore….and all of that can be done for FREE99 or 1 million bucks! And which date is it, is this the first date, the second date, the third…should it even matter???????????? You wouldn’t put a price on love, so why put a price on the chase….?”



“I would never associate a dollar amount with any date; it’s arbitrary.  Because I’m a real man, I’d spend time learning the woman – find out what her interests are and what makes her tick.  Then look at the different options I think she would like.  The tricky part is that you have to be tuned in to the woman.  If you can’t commit some higher level of attention to her, you should have never used your ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ game on her.”



“My feelings are, anyone that says $200 is way too much may not get out much, or is cheap. Now, I don’t mean that to say dates should be $200, but they easily can be depending on what you do. The math for dinner at an “average priced” restaurant is as follows:

Appetizer – 15
Dinner for 2 – 40
Drinks for 2 – 30
Dessert for 2 – 20
Tip – 8

That in itself is almost 120. And that’s just your average chain. Add movies or a game and you just might hit $200. Bump that to a “fancy” spot and you can hit 200 quick. I don’t understand why anyone would do that regularly though, it lacks creativity.

Since people aren’t creative they try to impress by doing the most. There are plenty of inexpensive date options, and any good woman or man would be fine with them. The quality of a date should also be proportionate to the relationship value/stage. Don’t spend hundreds on your jump off, unless it’s that good or you got it like that. And treat your girl from time to time.

Overall, do what your pockets/goals allow. Dates are about having fun and getting to know people. They shouldn’t be overly stressful or cause you to go in debt.”


Personally I think $200 is excessive for a casual date but I’m not against it if you’re spending it or just have it like that.  I also think it depends on who you’re on the date with, how long have y’all known each other, and what’s the occasion?  If it’s a female that I’ve just recently met then ain’t no way in hell I’m spending $200 on that date.  What has she shown me to make me feel like she is worth $200 of my hard earned money?  Now say it’s the woman I’ve been in a relationship with for a while now, more than likely I’m not going to even care how much I’m spending because I’m enjoying the time with my significant other and money isn’t an issue when it comes to her.  I think the occasion plays a part into the expenses paid as well.  I go all out for birthdays.  I’ll spend as much as my financial situation will allow me to when celebrating the birthday of the woman I’m in a relationship with.

I had a situation once were I spent $300 on a New Years Eve date.  Bad thing is that was just on the meal alone.  It was one of those specials were you get appetizers, a bottle of wine, main dish, dessert, and a bottle of champagne to bring in the New Year.  Now let’s get one thing straight, for all of that it was probably worth the $275 and $30 in gratuity.  The issue I had is I didn’t enjoy one single thing about the whole meal except for the fondue dessert.  I was so salty that night after the date I laid in bed beside this woman naked and didn’t lay a finger on her.  Moral of the story is an expensive price tag doesn’t always guarantee quality.


But I’m Sleep tho…