Domestic Violence is Getting Out of Hand

              Man I don’t even know where to start.  I just seen one very disturbing video.  This little Chicago rapper called Lil Reese (member of Chief Keef’s GBE) was caught on film giving this female the ultimate beat down.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know I laughed at the bus drivers Street Fighter like uppercut but this was the most cowardly act I’ve seen in quite sometime. Check out the video…

              I, in no way condone hitting women.  I’ve been in a couple of situations were women have attempted to hit me and have hit me and yet I didn’t react in a violent manner.  Hell I’ve even had a chic scratch up the whip.  I felt I had every right to dust her off but nope, I didn’t react.  This dude receives a little bit of word play for a woman and proceeds to fight her like a man, not to mention his home boy jumped in it.  These are the kind of boys, not to be confused with men, who would rather fight a chic and shoot at a dude.  TERRIBLE!!!!

              Now I wont speak on Chad Johnson and Chris Brown because I’ve seen no video footage of their actions.  Just accusations and some really fucked up pictures.  I swear women have to also realize that they are not men and some men wont be able to stay composed when you are pushing their buttons.  It still doesn’t give men the right to hit women but be careful what you ask for.  Everybody has a limit.

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