Yes, I voted for him because he’s BLACK!!!!

Congratulations to the POTUS Barack H. Obama.  I’ll admit that I was mad nervous at first but my faith and my refusal to believe that God would let a man who doesn’t have this countries best interest in mind lead us is what kept me sane through this whole 2012 presidential election.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most knowledgable when it comes to politics but, when something directly affects me economically I know how to figure out the cause of it.  I’ve supported Obama from day one and I’ve been a strong believer that not only the 13% of African-Americans that make up this country but also other minorities should exercise their right to vote and be heard. 

Just for shits and giggles after President Obama had been projected as the president by CNN for four more years I turned to the ever so bias Fox News to listen to the bitterness and hate they had to spew.  By the way if it wasn’t for the NFL I’d never watch any fox telecast.  So as I’m watching it I can’t help but to pick up on the fact that they are indirectly saying the only reason blacks voted for Obama was because he was black.  Of course this wasn’t the only negativity they were throwing towards the election but this stuck out to me the most.  All I could think of was a Facebook post I read a couple of days ago.

 A white man asked his black friend “Are you going to vote for Barack Obama just because he’s black?” The black man responded by saying, “Why not? In this country men are pulled over every day just because they are black; passed over for promotions just because they are black; considered to be criminals just because they are black. Thousands of white voters won’t be voting for him just because he’s black!

However, you don’t seem to have a problem with that! This country was built with the sweat and whip of the black slaves’ back; and now a black man has a chance to lead the same country where we weren’t even considered people, where we weren’t allowed to be educated, drink from the same fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote.

So I am going to vote for him!
But it’s not just because he’s black, but because through his leadership, several of America’s elusive enemies were brought to justice; several of our citizens rescued from peril; our economy, health and environment improved; and our good reputation around the world has been restored.

He is hope. He is change. He is wise. He’s a man of integrity and intelligence. He is a man of faith and perseverance. A man of maturity and good judgment. He is a faithful husband and father. And he now allows me to understand when my grandchildren say they want to be President when they grow up, it’s not a fairy tale, but a short-term goal. They now see, understand, and know what they can achieve, withstand, and do anything just because they are black!

It’s sad but true that this election turned into a race war but that goes to show just how far our country has truly advanced and the true colors of those we call our friends but as Paul Laurence Dunbar would say…And That Is Life.