Ray Rice Her…

Lately the talk of the country has been about Ray Rice doing his best prime Mike Tyson impersonation on his fiancee and only being suspended two games for it.  My first question was,”WTF she do to piss that man off so bad?”  Let me make it clear that he was absolutely wrong for putting his hands on her but damn, WTF did she say/do?  I asked the same thing about Chris Breezy and Rhianna.

riceYou can’t tell me wimmenz don’t push men to the point they want to Mr. Perfect, suplex their ass.  I remember once a chick (who I was not in a committed relationship with) popped up at my place only to find something she didn’t want to see.  Instead of asking me about it she hauled off and swung on the kid.  I did my Mayweather shoulder roll on that bird to dodge the punch.  After that she pushed me when I was trying to walk away.  Lawd these light skin wimmenz are crazy and NO I still didn’t hit her.  The next day I wish I would’ve Razor’s Edge  DDT’d that bitch cause she keyed my damn car! STILL I DID NOT HIT HER!!!! Anyway, long story short you just don’t hit wimmenz.  Shake them maybe but don’t Tommy Hearns her.

Ray Rice was only suspended two games for his domestic dispute by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  I saw a post on Instagram not too long following the suspension that read, “Josh Gordon sits for possibly a year for smoking week but TKO your wife and get a two week vacay.  Today, the NFL told women that we want your money and to sell you pink jerseys but we don’t care if you are abused.”  I also saw a tweet that said, “Since the NFL doesn’t care about women they should stop wearing pink in October(support for breast cancer awareness).”  I don’t agree with either.

Here’s how I view it.  When working a 9-5 if you fail that companies annual drug test the company shall take action.  If you’re involved in a domestic dispute that happened OUTSIDE of the workplace then that is none of the companies business for the most part.  I understand the NFL’s player conduct policy and believe that’s the reason why they took action.  Should they have done anything? Absolutely but to go on to say the NFL doesn’t care about women is ignoramus.  If you want to blame anyone, blame the judicial system for allowing the man to still be free.

Despite it all don’t hit the wimmenz, fellas.  If it’s that bad either leave or call the police then leave. LOL


Love, Peace, and Hair Grease!