The Wife Zone Chart

low angle view of a newlywed couple standing together outside a churchMany men are confused when it comes to dating.  They often don’t know how to categorize the type of women they meet which usually leaves them settling with the wrong chic or ending up alone.  I’ve seen many instances were the right chic was met at the wrong time.  Instead of taking advantage of said opportunity the guy would choose the “crazy fun” woman over the more stable woman.  Don’t get me wrong, a woman can be both but it’s rare that you get this combination.  This is as close to a unicorn woman you will get and they don’t even exist so yea…

I dated a chic once too high in the crazy zone as my last post would identify to.  I’m trying to decide what zone does going through one’s phone put you in.  I guess it’s the reaction after going through the phone that determines that…huh?  Be smart and delete that KeepSafe app asap!

I’ve found a clip that breaks it down in it’s entirety.  Take heed to the information provided.  I’m sure it’ll be useful to some struggling fella. LOL