Argue With Yo Mama

No need for an intro. *Skips track #1*  Lets just get to it!

Track #2 Every night before I go to sleep I pray… One, I thank God for the blessings I’ve received.  Two, my hairline ain’t like it use to be but it would make Stephen A. Smith envious so I ask to decrease the speed of my decline. Last but definitely not least I pray the parole board releases Orental James “Mutha Fuckin” Simpson from prison this year.  Yep that’s right, OJ could be a free man this year after stealing his own memorabilia back.  I still stand behind my stance that OJ didn’t do it but that sucka was set up and caught red handed holding buddy up at gun point.  Image result for OJ simpsonSMH, can’t defend that.  What I will defend is that he didn’t commit murder.  He might have had a hand in planning it but he ain’t do the stabbing.  It was our one victory and I’m a ride it out til the sunset.  I watched The People vs. OJ Simpson on Netflix.  It was damn good and Cuba Gooding Jr. did a damn great job as well but I don’t care I don’t care I DON’T CARE!!! He ain’t do it!  So you guys do me a favor tonight, when you lay down and pray shoot one up for the homie Orenthal! I don’t care if you don’t agree… #ArgueWithYoMama

Track #3 Speaking of Orenthal, The Legendary Jay Z aka Mr. Carter released his highly anticipated album 4:44 that featured the controversial track The Story of O.J. where he proceeds to give what some would call some life gems.  In his words, “I’m tryin’ to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99.”  While I agree with the majority of all the game he spits I’m a bit disappointed with the masses anointing him the Golden One for telling us things community leaders, successful friends and family members, mentors, and your local drug dealers who turned a new leaf has been telling us all along.  The only difference is he has a bigger platform than those I named which in turn will make more people listen.  Now my question is how is he going to follow up with it?  He gave the game, now what type of community initiatives will he start to help jump start the advice he gave? Wait wait wait… or is this just another opportunity to sell records by speaking on current issues in the black community which in turn will make his cult following praise him even more and spend $600 on concert tickets?  I don’t knock the hustle… but I see what he did there.  I don’t care #ArgueWithYoMama

Track #4 Cult following? R. Kelly allegedly has been holding wimmenz hostage as sex slaves! *deep sigh* This NIGGA! Why are we even surprised?  All the classics he put out in the 90’s has given him a pass to all the BS he’s been doing lately by some of his fans. Dude supposedly married Aliyah while she was a teenager?  Did they divorce?  Image result for R KellyWas she Dame Dash girlfriend when she died?  I don’t be knowing the details of these things but eh… he’s still been seen having sex with underage children.  Him and that got dang Mike Jackson are/were some “genitalia still smelling like pee pee cause I’m not old enough to understand how to wipe good” lovers but that’s neither here nor there.  Mr. Robert Kelly has been accused of holding women against their will as sex slaves. When I first heard this I was a bit confused.  In this day in age with social media, wifi, internet, cell phones, video recorders, and all other electronic devices that can connect to the world wide web how can not one but 50 women be held hostage?  I’m not saying that it didn’t happen cause obviously I wasn’t there but Bill Cosby raping 50 women is more believable to me.  I personally think these women knew what they were doing.  Kelly had these women mentally in tune and I imagine it wasn’t hard because these young wimmenz love these old RnB singers that their mother’s got pregnant listening to.  Just ask Keith Sweat, this dude about to be 56 and still knocking off women fresh out of college.  One thing you can’t say about good ole Keith is that he’s been accused of sleeping with underage women.  Now he’s knocked off mama’s and daughters and probably in the same night but they were all of age.  End of the day, I refuse to believe 50+ women were held against their will.  They wanted that old washed up meat. I don’t care I don’t CARE I DON’T CARE #ArgueWithYoMama

Track #5 Michael Vick?!?!? *another deep sigh and rubs hand down face slowly in disbelief* THIS NIGGA here!  You know what… I think I might give him a pass.  He was institutionalized for 18 months and has remained institutionalized  mentally since his release.  I get it, you was on your d*ck and needed to get your funds together to continue providing for your family.  I respect that.  Image result for side eyeWhat I don’t respect his him insinuating Colin Kaepernick needs to make a change his appearance to appease future employers.  Get yo black lip, fiery STD meat stick, non defensive reading ass the FOH!  You’re a convicted felon who was welcomed back with open arms because you jumped through all the hoops and did all the dances that were asked of you.  Kaep did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong but abide by the amendments.  You know what… I’m a let Vick have it… Falcons was up 28-3 and lost because of the Vick curse.  Well Falcon fans I think it’s safe to assume that curse has been lifted.

Track #6 Rob Kardashian… Pleighboi… listen… mannnn…  sucks huh?  I don’t know what to tell you that you ain’t already heard.  You gotta chalk this L up and keep it moving.  How you not see this coming is beyond me.  Blac Chyna fine as all out doors.  We all know that, but you got MONEY! You got a whole gang of b*tches *Dae Dae voice* you could’ve chose from and you chose her.  Bruh… she dated the guy that your sister took from her.  Not only did they date but they had a kid together.  You was thinking with yo meat and playing checkers while the whole time she was playing chess.  Look at the scenario… Your sister takes her man, in turn she marries you, makes herself a Karda$hian which is a household name, makes your sister an aunt to her children & makes your sister her sister-n-law.  This was NEVER about you… you were what we like to call collateral damage.  She couldn’t legally whip the ass of a minor and get away with it.  She couldn’t afford the lawsuit money.  What she could do was milk the family of that minor for everything she could and then embarrass them.  Image result for yo bitch chose meThem cheeks of Blac Chyna’s must’ve been fiye fiye cause you didn’t see none of this coming. LMAO  She must have unicorn fluid in her mouf the way she had you head over heels, losing weight and shit.  Then as a typical hurt fella do, you go and post nudes of the chic.  Dude do you think she gives a damn about the whole world seeing her buket naked?  SHE USE TO BE A STRIPPER AT KOD! They get asshole booty butt naked in there.  We’ve all see that before.  Now she’s filed a lawsuit against you… SMH.  You lacked the guidance of Max Julian.  You could’ve learned a thing or two for Goldie. You repossessed her cars and put it on IG.  Pleighboi you’re just digging yourself into a further whole.  You lost when she sent you the video with another dude.  You know what Goldie said.  You should’ve kept quiet and let your mama figure out a way to capitalize off it like she always do. You got played, playa… I don’t care how much money you got.  Should’ve never let her lick ya booty hole. #ArgueWithYoMama

Track #7 Dr. Umar Johnson has taken a lot of backlash lately and for some of it rightfully so.  He’s expressed some unpopular opinions and facts as of late on radio and TV.  I don’t agree with a lot of things he and other activist leaders have said but what I do appreciate is their efforts to uplift minorities to do better for themselves.  Unfortunately some people who don’t agree with certain individual views will find anyway to tear them down.  This happens in the black community far too often.  First it was “we can’t listen to him, he mess with strippers.”Image result for Dr. Umar Johnson Well name a human that doesn’t make mistakes and name a few more who doesn’t or have never admired a stripper dancer.  Hell they’re humans too.  They just chose a profession that probably makes more than those who despise them and they probably work half as hard for it.  Folks then tried to discredit his PhD but if you contact The National Student Clearinghouse you can verify he does have his PhD.  Well next it was about the money he raised.  What happened to the money for the school?  Hell if I know but on The Breakfast Club he did mention the building he was going to buy was bought and he’s in search of another building.  Is this true, I don’t know that either nor did I bother to fact check.  I simply don’t care because I didn’t donate any money to him in the first place.  All extra money I get goes back into my household some way or form.  I’m too broke to be donating money to a project without a business plan and a timetable that’s not posted for me to view.  Either way I support Dr. Johnson and I hope he continues to all the great work he’s been doing.  If you don’t like it, guess what… I don’t care I don’t Care I DON’T CARE #ArgueWithYoMama



21 Savage dating Amber Rose and that wolf p*ssy!  I don’t care what no man says, given the opportunity he’s going to eat that wolf cooty from the back.  Amber Rose is finer than spring water to a dehydrated man in the desert.  No different than Drake kissing Madonna.  It’s the name attached to it is what’s going down in history.  Say what you want but Amber Rose is still a catch and 21 Savage just dated up #ArgueWithYoMama

Maia Campbell, so sad.  She reminds me of that chic in that Never Die Alone movie that DMX got hooked on drugs.  Sad to see a beautiful woman such as her fall to drugs and releasing sex tapes to get the fame back.  Can’t help who doesn’t want to be helped.

I’d put $20 when Ghost James St. Patrick finally gets out of prison he smashes Angela again cause she apologizes for getting him locked up.  I hope Tariq gets hit by a train after giving Kanan a handjob and I pray Dre is playing Kanan.  If he ain’t I hope Tommy run him over with a car too.

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