He said thanks for the prayers…

They done let the bronco bad boy home!  Just last week OJ told me to ask you guys for prayers for his release.  Well Look At God! Won’t He Do It!!!!  The juice is loose.  LOL in all seriousness 33 years was a bit extensive for the crime he was charged with.  Everybody knows the sentence was due to him being acquitted for his infamous trial in the 90’s.  We the minorities don’t get many victories but that was one.  Image result for oj simpsonWhether you felt he did it or not is a personal decision.  With the killings of minorities these past few years it was a bit of relief to get some form of hope from the justice system.  Them 3,489,187 – Us, about 3 and a possible.

You see how quiet Blue Lives Matter has been in regards to the police shooting of a Somalian officer and a white woman.  Not saying it’s blatant racism but I see what’s going on here.

Tell me what you think.