It’s Bigger than Kaep!

YOU CAN’T BE MAD AT AN EMPLOYER FOR NOT WANTING TO HIRE A POTENTIAL EMPLOYEE.  Now what I’d be furious about is if one gave me a bullshit sorry excuse for not doing so.  We’ve all been turned down from a job and the employer gave us some excuse such as you’re over qualified, you’re not a cultural “fit”, or they chose to go in a different direction aka hired a family member or friend of a friend.  There is also the chance they hired someone who was more qualified… but… but… but… ain’t nobody more qualified than you BIH!!!!

Colin Kaepernick has been black balled.  It happens everyday!  The reason behind this particular situation is what is putting a black eye on the NFL until the media finds something else to blow out of proportion for ratings.  I like many others appreciate and support the stance that Kaep is taking for the minority community.  I don’t care if he’s half white, that he was raised by a white family, or that he’s a multi millionaire that will probably never deal with any of the race or police issues middle and lower class minorities will deal with.  He has a platform and he’s using it!  No need in explaining again what he’s doing it for.  WE KNOW and THEY choose to ignore and say otherwise.

With that being said they still DO NOT have to hire him.  Just like any other employer they have the right to CHOOSE who they want and don’t want for whatever reason they choose.  The PC thing to do would’ve been to just say he’s not a good fit for our team because we’re going in a different direction with our QB play or something along those lines. The full of shit reasons they’ve used instead have included but not limited to them not believing he’s an elite QB (he’s top 25 no question), he’d be a locker room distraction (former teammates would disagree), and one team even said he turned down an offer but it was basically a spit in the face offering him below league minimum for a QB who has reached the Superbowl once and the NFC Championship game twice!  Image result for colin kaepernickThose who make the argument that he opted out of his contract coincidentally fail to mention that general manager, John Lynch had already made statements that Kaep would be released anyway.

My question is do you really want to work for someone with the mentality these owners have toward racial injustice towards minorities.  Think about it for a second, say a team finally picks up Colin and you start back watching football again (for those boycotting the NFL).  You’re not only supporting Kaep or the team that gave him another opportunity but you’re also supporting the other 31 teams who didn’t.  You’re supporting teams who thought he should keep his mouth quiet about social and racial injustice, you’re supporting a team that think standing for a flag is more important than bring awareness to America in regards to what is happening in minority communities across the country with police brutality, you’re also supporting different brands and sponsors who feel the same exact way as the owners.  Clearly the sponsors have a lot of say in these NFL owner’s decision based on the Baltimore Ravens wanting to speak with their fans and sponsors before making a move on Kaep.

If by God’s graces Kaep does get signed… then what?  What’s next?  What’s the next step taken to benefit from our voices being “heard”?  Will there be a demand for a sit down with the owners to work out some form of action to help increase awareness and find possible solutions to minimize the corruption in the communities most of their employees come from?  I highly doubt it.  Most minorities in the NFL don’t want to risk losing their money to feed their family with because they stood up for those in communities that look up to them as inspiration.  I get it, guys who are making league minimums always have one foot out the door and at risk of being cut. Most are walking on thin ice and don’t want to risk losing the lifestyle they aspire to have.  The guys working on their second multi million dollar contracts are the guys who should be the loudest.  Yes we know you appreciate they money you’ve earned but by you being quiet you’re also limiting the chances of those behind you getting to the same place you’re currently at.  If you don’t see the connection then you’ve either been sleeping under a rock the pass several years or you just don’t care to understand.

I chose not to boycott the NFL, hell I don’t watch much of it anyway if it ain’t the Cowboys!  I’ve always said NCAAF > NFL anyway!  I don’t see these racial and social injustices ending any time soon and these owners are all about the dollar.  They don’t care about where these players come from, they just care that they keep putting asses in seats and selling merchandise.  It’s bigger than the NFL and it’s deeper than rap.

But I ain’t making no noise…