Three easy steps to bag her…

               I’ve been off the dating scene for quite some time now and despite popular belief time away don’t make me rusty when it comes to attracting and capturing the opposite.  Yes I… Continue reading

A Guide To The Simple Life

(Special guest writer Leon Webb on his book A Guide To The Simple Life) Faith. Its something that’s clean, abundant, and easy to come by yet hard to sustain; and if there’s one… Continue reading

7 Questions Men Ask Women Without Asking Women

 If offended by this post, please consult the above photo. I was watching VH1′s Tough Love Miami the other day and the contestants had to tell potential mates about their deal breakers. It… Continue reading

Where’s the Soul…?

“I say open the door, let me in Teach us all, preach ya sins Turn the cheek, let it slide Give me five on the black hand side The black hand side, oh… Continue reading

Support The Film Hollywood Didn’t Want

By Amber Payne and Christina Caron NBC News More than two decades in the making, George Lucas’ passion project “Red Tails” hit theaters today after a long search to find a distributor that… Continue reading

Laughing in our generation…

               So I’m sitting here watching this Kevin Hart Comedy Central Special laughing my ass off and I get to thinking.  Who is the best all-around comedian of my generation?  Right off the… Continue reading

The Key to a Happy and Successful Relationship: Let Your Man Cheat

A man cheats with a mere 105 women and you just gon up and leave him? At least that’s the assertion put forth by American sociologist Dr. Eric Anderson author of The Monogamy… Continue reading

The Weekend’s Netflix Movie Pick…

               What’s up folks!!!  The team has decided to add a new addition to our weekly blog.  We’ve called it the Weekend Netflix Movie Pick.  What we’ll be doing is suggesting a movie… Continue reading

The much Underappreciated…

              Yesterday evening I woke up and saw something that caused a little depression to the start of my day. “Nick Cannon down with Kidney failure.”  I took a moment to process what… Continue reading

Just cause its cold…?

              It seems like love is in the air for the New Year.  Everybody has been announcing engagements lately from local friends to main stream celebrities.  The majority that I’ve been hearing about… Continue reading