Call me out my name one more time…

              Aight hot damnit!  I’m a go ahead and forewarn you now, this isn’t your average post.  Hear me out for a minute because I really want to know your opinion on this shit.  Hell… Continue reading

Stepping out of the box…

            Seems like the new trend now days is to pick a fruit from another basket.  Well at least that’s what folks are claiming they are going to start doing.  I’m starting to… Continue reading

Deal or No Deal

Recently I was asked what some of my deal breakers are when it comes to dating. If I would have been asked this question a few years ago I would have rapidly responded… Continue reading

Operation A-Hole

I’m 60% gentleman and 40% jerk. I try to suppress the inner jerk, but I can’t help it. Women love it. I’m a nice guy, but I’m tired of finishing last. I’m going… Continue reading

All Birds of a Feather DON’T Flock Together

              There is this old saying that you are a reflection of the people you associate yourself with. I say BULL SHIT!!!! I am who I am and they are who they are.… Continue reading

I’m not paying for it…

               There are three things in life I’ve vowed to never pay for and that’s oxygen, bottled water, and pussy! Yea yea yea I’ve heard it before…”oh you’re going pay for it in… Continue reading

To Hell With Being Politically Correct…

               Ever met someone, indulged into a very deep and interesting conversation and found yourself attracted to this person.  Not because of their physical but because of their mental.  During this 15, 60,… Continue reading

Why you so thirsty?

               I consider myself to be a pretty spiritual and religious guy.  I get on my knees every day, pray, and thank God for the many blessings I’ve received throughout my life. There’s… Continue reading

Aint nothing like new…..

Special guest blogger Leon Webb                       There’s an old saying that seems to unconsciously be passed down from generation to generation and that saying is “Ain’t no pussy, like new pussy”. Now I’m… Continue reading

I didn’t ask so dont tell me…

               Don’t ask don’t tell is the NFL’s Policy.   The Military and the U.S. Scouts group also have a similar policy.  This policy basically states if I don’t ask you then don’t tell… Continue reading