I’m not saying I agree…I just understand…

Why He Cheated…                Ma’am it’s not as simple as you may think.  Yes he still loves you and the action he took has absolutely nothing to do with what you did or… Continue reading

Independent Bad Catch

               Dating in 2011 is both complex and interesting. While I’m currently enjoying the single life, I’m look forward to finding a woman that compliments me well. The interesting aspect of dating is… Continue reading

Dear Hoes

Dear Hoes, First of all, forgive me for being so blunt in the title I gave you. I won’t sugar coat it by calling you a Jezebel, a floosy, tramp, trollip, or any… Continue reading

140 Characters Isn’t Always Enough

If you follow me on twitter (@jus_ryan3) which you should be, then you know I have absolutely no couth when it comes to my random thoughts and outburst.  Some stuff I just can’t… Continue reading

The Crew…

About Us –   Welcome, howdy, hola, bonjour…I’m sure you get the point. Greetings! Thank you for stopping by and checking out the “Chronicles”, the “Negro”, the “Negro Chronicles”. This is a place… Continue reading

The Beginning…

About Ali – Who am I? I am He! Who is He? He is me! Ali is what they call me.  Why you ask?  Because I have his ravishing good looks and his… Continue reading